16 oz Reusable Plastic Coffee Cup w/ Lid (White)

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In an effort to combat the ongoing supply chain shortages affecting most US based business, we have made available these reusable hot cups.  Reusable cups are a great way to expand retail offerings, improve customer retention, and promote sustainability. 

These cups are made from a sturdy polypropylene plastic and are top shelf dishwasher safe for 200+ washes.  Cups are molded to be 16 oz in size.  A matching lid is 
included with each cup.  Lids are "sipper" style that are designed for use with hot beverages, although they can just easily accommodate cold drinks.

Please note that this is a product designed to replace a paper cup and is priced accordingly.  This is not equivalent to an insulated thermos or tumbler.  If additional insulation is required, these cups can still be used with a regular paper sleeve.

Customization of these cups is not available at this time.